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Age: 18+
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Character: Trunks
Age: 19ish
Canon: Dragon Ball Z
Canon Point: After the Cell games


Trunks is a well-mannered, polite young man from a future in which a pair of superpowered androids have terrorized the Earth for years, laying waste to the large cities and decimating the Earth’s population in addition to killing many of Trunk’s friends and family. As a result, Trunks grew up under the androids’ shadow, attempting to survive and avoid unnecessary run-ins for as long as possible. Helping Trunks were his mother, Bulma, a genius scientist, as well as his mentor, Son Gohan. Despite the dire situation, Trunks maintained a not entirely pessimistic outlook: because he came from a long line of skilled warriors, he was one of the few who even had a hope of being able to one day defeat the androids. To this end, Trunks spent much of his life developing his martial arts skills in hopes of one day measuring up to the task; it was all about tomorrow, in which he might grasp the power required to finally bring peace back to Earth. 
His hopes were dashed in a series of events in which Gohan lost first his arm and then his life in run-ins with Androids 17 and 18. In the end, Gohan died trying to save Trunks's life. Though he succeeded, the loss was devastating to Trunks, whose childhood in hiding in combination with this loss no doubt contributed to his current wary nature. By the time he arrived in the main Dragon Ball Z timeline, Trunks was largely convinced that no one (at least in his world) could stand up to the androids and live. The sole exception, according to the stories he was told as a child, was a man named Son Goku, who had died of a cardiac virus in his timeline before the androids had come into being. 
When his mother finally completed her life’s work, a time machine, Trunks thus agreed to use it to travel back into the past to a timeline in which Goku was still alive. In so doing, he would help save Goku’s life, simultaneously ensuring a fighting chance for this other timeline and giving himself the opportunity to search for some weakness he could exploit to defeat the androids. While struggling to save this second timeline from their own version of Androids 17 and 18 (and their successors), Trunks would gradually gain the confidence and skill required to defend his own world.
Trunks was raised by Bulma; his father, the alien Vegeta, was long dead in his home timeline. As a result, Trunks’s personality is more human than Saiyan – he fights to defend Earth, not to take glory in the defeat of his opponents. In fact, his personality is practically the opposite of Vegeta’s -- He offers people drinks! He apologizes! He even insists that Goku et al. attempt to destroy the androids before they’re activated, rather than waiting around for them to show up so they can be defeated gloriously in single combat. In fact, Trunks initially knows little about his father, and is horrified to find that Vegeta is an arrogant, callous villain who wouldn’t lift a finger to save his own family. It’s Trunks who saves Bulma and a younger version of himself when their plane is attacked by a mad scientist; similarly, it’s Trunks who tries to stop his father from reviving the android Cell just so Vegeta can claim one up on Goku. 
All the same, Trunks cannot help but take interest in this lost part of his own family. After he spends a year with Vegeta, Trunks gradually comes to understand the man that he’d only heard about from his mother’s stories: a proud, tragically arrogant man who cannot stand the idea that he may not be the pinnacle of his own race’s physical achievement. Afterwards, Trunks, ever considerate and thoughtful, even conceals his own power from his father in order not to bruise Vegeta’s ego… but he never loses his streak of pragmatism. Even after the androids are defeated in the ‘main’ timeline, Trunks is quick to extinguish the same threats to his own world without allowing them the opportunity to reach the height of their power. In his mind, lives are more important than personal accolades; he doesn’t need to be recognized for his strength as long as the Earth finally knows peace.
Throughout the manga, Trunks is caring and eager to help, even risking his life to improve a past from which his own future will see no benefit. His past is immutable, but for Trunks it’s enough to know that some timeline somewhere will be free from the same threat that decimated his own world. He’s been forced to learn how to cut his losses and think ahead, and he has no issues with strategic retreat. 
In his free time, Trunks seems to enjoy spending time with family and tinkering with machines. 
Abilities: Trunks is a half-human, half-Saiyan martial artist with superhuman strength and speed. Notable abilities include flight and the emission of destructive energy (usually in the form of energy beams), capable of blowing up anything from people to planets. In addition, he is able to enter a sort of awakened state called Super Saiyan, in which all his abilities are greatly enhanced.
Wiki link for more detail:

Since I’m sure he’ll need to be nerfed for the game, I’d suggest taking away the ability to become a Super Saiyan and… you know, toning down the destroying-planets thing. Maybe bring him more in line with the abilities showcased during Dragon Ball or early Dragon Ball Z, in which characters were certainly superstrong, but more on the blowing up people-or-single buildings level?

People in Dragon Ball Z can also temporarily fuse themselves with another person to become a third, more powerful individual, but I'd just like to avoid dealing with this in RP because it sounds like a nightmare to play out.

Mod note that Super Saiyan is allowed; see permissions post.

Alignment: Peromei. As Trunks grew up in a world terrorized by coldblooded android killers, trying to avoid notice and watching as people around him died, both despair (at his situation) and hope (that by traveling to the past, he might be able to save his present) played outsized roles in his life.



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